5 Lifestyle Choices to Live Life A La Natural

Natural wine is one thing, drinking natural wine is another thing and so is making it. But how do you incorporate the natural wine philosophy into your lifestyle, what choices can you make to live life in a more natural way? One way to experience a la natural is drinking Action Bronson's wine - A La Natural. Both the red and the white are fun, interesting wines. Another way is by lifestyle choices, which is what this article is about.

1. Choose market vs supermarket

Which also goes well with choose local vs global. Supermarkets may be convenient and all, but they are far from the reality of sourcing food the natural way. Everything is ready, packaged in layers of plastic, mass produced fruit and vegetables, self check outs. If you go to a farmers market, you'll get a totally different experience: small independent producers, different stalls (or shops) for different produce, locally grown fruit and vegetables that are in season, likely organic.

You get to take home fresh and incredibly tasty ingredients that will make any simple home-cooked meal twice as delicious, and you'll get to experience what nature really tastes like.

As a South-East Londoner, my go-to market is Brockley Market, which takes place every Saturday from 10am to 2pm near St John's station. Another one of my favourites is Borough Market in London Bridge.

2. Support independent Wine retailers

When buying natural wine or anything booze related, support your local bottle shop. If there isn't one where you live, there are plenty of independent retailers out there that will deliver to your door. This also applies to basically anything that you need to buy for yourself and your household - from eco-boutiques to bakeries, coffee shops, gifts and clothing. Sure, it may be a little more expensive, but you can save money by buying just what you need and making it last. Quality over quantity applies to natural wine and you can apply this principle to what you spend on too.

3. Make your own... clothes!

I always though knitting would be really difficult and a bit scary, turns out it's the opposite! It's actually fun, relaxing and such a rewarding activity. I started knitting in January 2020 by using a kit that a friend gifted me and watching YouTube videos to learn the basics. Today I am a proud owner of numerous knitted woolly beanies, a sweater, scarves, a cotton cardigan and more in production. Making my own clothes allowed me to embrace a slower paced life and go back to the origins of how clothes were made before high street fashion took over, connect more with my grandma and work with completely natural, high quality fibres - bye bye polyester. Pro tip - drink natural wine while knitting!

4. Read books about wine

You don't need to be an expert with a WSET certificate to open a book that talks about wine. Start from books about the basics of wine tasting and you will learn what's important, without having to pass an exam. Then, you can expand into books that are more focused around natural wine and maybe more complex books about biodynamics and wine tasting theories.

It's fascinating how much of what happens in the vineyard is important and will affect the wine you have in your glass, and how much fun and more comprehensive this kind of knowledge can make your wine tasting experience.

5. Drink natural wine

Saving the best for last. As a consumer you have a choice on who to support with your purchases and if your money goes into buying great natural wine from your local bottle shop or an independent business online, and ultimately goes to support that producer that made that wine, then you are living your life a la natural. You are promoting biodiversity, kindness towards nature and you are allowing a small business to keep doing what they do best, make wine and make it available to people like you. So enjoy your newly purchased natural wines, and cheers to you!

Learn more about A La Natural Blanc by Action Bronson, Patrick Bouju and Ochin Clovis at the following link: A La Natural White - wine review


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