A La Natural Blanc 2017

I purchased this wine around the beginning of lockdown in UK and I have been keeping it safe and sound on my wine rack until now, that I am starting to run low on natural wine again and decisions need to be made. Opening a bottle of natural wine is always a great decision though!

A La Natural Blanc is a white wine collab by natural winemaker Patrick Bouju, natural wine specialist Clovis Ochin and American rapper Action Bronson. Aside from his music career, Action Bronson has become an icon in the natural wine world through Vice documentaries, which I totally recommend you to check out if you are looking for a chilled watch.

This completely natural white wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Muscat grapes from the region of Auvergne, France (think central France, south facing). As I pour the wine in my wine glass, I immediately notice the bright yellow colour of it, enhanced by a bit of cloudiness (but not too cloudy). It's got a certain lightness but also a certain complexity that complement each other beautifully, this being reflected on the nose and palate too. Aromas that I found are citrus, creamy, buttery notes from the Chardonnay and floral, chamomile, lychee and elderflower notes from the Muscat. It's also got a vibrant minerality and a pleasant, natural tartness - totally mouthwatering. Perfectly drinkable on its own or paired with a wine-bar style cheese and charcuterie board.

I got this bottle from More Natural Wine - the A La Natural Blanc also comes in a magnum which would be so worth it, believe me - for such a fantastic wine, a 75cl bottle is a good intro, but you may be left wanting more.

Until next wine!


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