What I've been drinking between Christmas and New Years

Despite all that's happened this year and in particular in the last couple of weeks, I hope you had a great Christmas. I hope you found the strength to celebrate despite the fact that you may not have been able to visit your loved ones. And I hope you kept the natural wine flowing! I still am.

So here is a rundown of what I've been drinking around Christmas time.

Domaine De Bablut Crémant De Loire

On Christmas day I was really feeling in need for a classic pair of bubbles. Nothing funky, quirky, natural-wine-nerdy. Just something Champagne-like to pour in a flute at the start of the meal. Because even if this Christmas has been nothing like I had planned and nothing I had ever witnessed before, I was determined to make the most of it. And this wine totally delivered, did the job, 100%. I'm so HAPPY that I discovered this wine! It's a Crémant de Loire, meaning that it's from the Loire Valley (France) and is typically made with the same method as Champagne (secondary bottle fermentation - also called traditional method). From a flavour profile this one really resembles your fancy Champagne, but with even more depth. Plus this is a NATURAL WINE. Full texture from crispy bubbles in the glass, citrus fruit, green apple, and lots of creamy notes + hint of vanilla.

Cascina Tavijn - Teresa (2019)

A wine that tastes like home. Very much a post-Christmas-madness choice to sip on its own or with leftover lasagna. From woman in wine Nadia Verrua, this is a beautifully rustic red made with Ruché grapes. Comes from Scurzolengo/Piemonte/Italy, near my hometown. From a tasting profile, we are talking about ripe black cherries, earth, spice. Very meaty on the palate, medium tannin but overall smooth and easy drinking but with a well deserved kick. Could drink this for hours!

Domaine Pierre Luneau Papin - Folle Blanche (2019)

One of the risottos (I'm serious). Not only does it pair wonderfully with my pumpkin risottos (recipe here), but it's literally a no brainer of that time in between Christmas and New Years when you don't know what day it is but you sure know it's wine o'clock. With 11% abv, you could almost drink it for breakfast if you are trained (I am not encouraging this behaviour though). Made with Folle Blanche grapes, and another one from Loire Valley/France. A fun dry white, full of freshness and high acidity, a very prevalent salty profile on the mouth and pear.

And last but not least - a Christmas gift from Salthouse!

Thank you!! I really look forward to opening this cute tiny bottle of bubbly. From new and upcoming winemaker Yves Roy, located in Poligny/Jura/France. Grape varieties used to make this little Charmat-method wine are Melon a Queue Rouge, Chardonnay and Savagnin.

Charmat method = second fermentation in steel tanks.

Happy New Year!


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