l'amourouse rosé

If this wine was sold in a 5 litres container, I'd buy it. But let me tell you how I got here. Recently I simply realised that I rarely drink rosé wine, which seemed like a perfectly acceptable excuse to buy a bottle of rosé from my local bottle shop. The one that caught my interest was Domaine de Majas, L'Amourouse Rosé - 2018. A deep coloured natural rosé from the south of France just north of the Pyrénées (Côtes Catalanes - Languedoc-Roussillon), with a romantic name and label. Blend of Merlot & Syrah, fermented and aged in concrete tanks.

The colour is deep, quite dark for a rosé but also a colour that you can often find in natural rosés. It gives you a hint on the high degree of juiciness that we can find in this wine. On the nose it's got a subtle natty wine signature funkyness, blended in with juicy strawberry, redcurrant, grapefruit and blood orange, but also a certain leafiness and spice. There is also a subtle salinity, like a mineral breeze. On the palate it's juicy and mineral, earthy and tart and vibrant. A beautiful natural wine that is still very much alive. So yeah, I'll have a 5 litres bucket of this please.

Until next wine!


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