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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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The first time I had this orange wine I was at Marcella in Deptford, small Italian restaurant serving homemade pasta and a seasonal menu. It was such an unforgettable dining experience and this wine went so well with the interesting food that I kind of always wanted to have a bottle of this at home. Also, I love orange wine. And guess what - a bottle of Bianco Baglio Catarratto is now here to be opened! Natural wine dreams come true!

Baglio Bianco Catarratto, Terre Siciliane IGP, 2018.

The background. Welcome to Sicily, where the sun shines all summer long. Organic grapes are grown on the hills near Alcamo where they benefit from sunshine, sandy soils and the subtle influence of the sea. Catarratto is not only the unusual name of this wine but also the grape used to produce it, an indigenous white grape variety of Sicily.

Tasting notes. You open this very dark, minimalist bottle and here comes a load of bright, amber coloured juice. Beautiful contrasts. On the nose I get ripe peach, apricot, camomile, a hint of honey, but also a certain leafiness and sea breeze. On the palate it's an explosion of juiciness, acidity, minerality and an pleasantly long finish. Skin contact inside and outside. This is totally one of my top orange wines ever - just personally, I love it.

Where to buy? I got this from Newcomer Wines, price range: £15 - £20.


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