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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

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As a proud natural wine lover and Brockley resident, I recently confirmed my 100% attendance rate at Brockley Natural Wine Club. Because not all good things happen on a weekend, some also happen during the week.

Didier Cappa from Les Caves de Pyrene took us again on a natural wine journey, this time from Pet Nat, to Pet Nat rosé, to rosé. All wines we tasted were completely new to me and some of them are now part of my personal natural wine collection - on paper and in cabinet! Let's explore them together.

Fuchs Und Hase Pet Nat Vol. 4 Arndorfer & Jurtschitsch, 2017 - blend of Müller Thurgau, Grüner Veltliner and Gelber Muskateller, this was a great start and a wonderful find. This Austrian Pet Nat presents both refreshing (apple) and very deep flavours (stone or dried fruit) from the 12-days skin contact, which also provides an interestingly deep colour.

La Cave Se Rebiffe Pet Nat Rosé Frantz Saumon, 2018 - blend of Gamay and Grolleau, from Loire, France. For the lovers of all things salmon, here is an unforgettable example of Pet Nat Rosé that delivers in colour and concept, with a refreshing flavour. There is a certain strawberry-unripeness which is fruity and uplifting, with mineral and grape skins notes. I'd like to try this with some salmon nigiri.

New Zealand Pet Nat Naturalist 2018, from Cambridge Road, Martinborough - stole my heart. This is a wine that truly changed the entire game and made me feel like I was part of the process. It took me to New Zealand and back. Unparalleled juicy fruitiness of pear and yeasty bread notes, gentle fizz and light clouds. I bought a bottle on the night.

2018 Hervé Villemade Cheverny Rosé, from the Loire Valley, blend of pinot noir and gamay, lively and refreshing, delicate, fruity.

Shirley Rosé, 2018, Xavier Goodridge, Vic, Australia - the colour is deep pink, like a pure juice. This is an interesting, refreshing, black peppery, sensational rosé and it sure made an impression inside and out.

Vinudilice Rosato, 2017, I Vigneri, from Sicily - this and Naturalist were my top pick of the night. I had never tasted Volcanic soil wines before but I knew there was some hype going on about them and I was definitely curious. And then this wine happened to me, so that I could finally taste that smokiness, ripe freshness, juiciness all together. It was sensational. This is a wine that Les Caves de Pyrene defined as "one of the great terroir roses of the world" and I feel really honoured I got to taste it.

Etcetera, Etcetera, 2017, Momento Mori, Victoria, Australia - the grand finale. Blend of Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Muscat. Experimental and mysterious, from colour through to aroma and taste, with aromatic notes, mint, herbs and a syrupy body. Another one for the unusual wine list!

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