Chin Chin Vinho Verde

The remedy to a borderline boring day? A glass of Vinho Verde "Chin Chin" by Quinta Do Ermizio, 2018. This is a Vinho Verde from the northern part of Portugal.

But first, what is Vinho Verde? Vinho Verde is a DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) from a northern region of Portugal. It can be white, red or rosé, however, you will normally find it in its white form. And while "verde" literally means "green" (and "vinho" = "wine", of course!), none of this wine is green and there is no such thing as green wine. Is there? The concept is actually closer to "young wine", to give you an idea. From a flavour profile, Vinho Verde is normally very light, citrus-fruity, leafy and has a very light fizz. Perfect poolside wine!

But now let's talk about THIS Vinho Verde! Chin Chin! Such a fun looking bottle already (artwork by Noble Rot Mag contributor Jose Miguel Mendez). I am expecting lots of fun to come from this bottle! I don't normally come across much Vinho Verde in my wine life, so why not try a natural Vinho Verde when I get the chance?

At the absolute bargain price of £12 per bottle, this natural Vinho Verde is all you can expect from a Vinho Verde and more, and if you have never tried Vinho Verde, then this is a fantastic way to start! It's so refreshing, has delicate but distinctive notes of citrus, gooseberry, tons of leaf and a fun slight fizziness on the palate that contributes to the overall fun feeling that this bottle delivers.

If you are based in UK you can get your own from Forest Wines.

Chin Chin!


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