Christina 2019

After an October of red and orange wines, I'm going back to a lovely and cloudy white wine to keep me dreaming in November.

Christina is a wine and a winemaker. Christina Netzl, the winemaker, grew up in her family's winery and farm in Carnuntum, in the north eastern part of Austria (east of Vienna, close to the Slovakian border). She then studied oenology in London and returned to Austria to become a winemaker on her family's vineyard. She developed an interest in organic wine and this soon became a passion. In 2013 she converted her family vineyard to organic and now produces certified organic wines that follow ancient, low-intervention winemaking practices.

Christina 2019, the wine, is a white wine made with 100% Grüner Veltliner (primary white grape of Austria). It has a slightly cloudy appearance and you can observe some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. From a flavour point of view, it's a very interesting manifestation of GV (the grape), on a greener note rather than tropical and ripe. Main aromas are green apple, grass, kiwi, green melon, hint of floral, with the green note being very predominant. The palate is hit with a pleasantly high acidity and mineral saltiness, a bread note is also present. A perfectly pleasant wine that is also ideal as an introduction to natural wine.

I paired it with sheeps cheese Ossau Iraty (by Mons Cheesemongers) and Kent pears (purchased at Brockley Market) on a Sunday afternoon. The pairing was very nice as the wine's fruit and yeasty profile sustained the salty and creamy cheese, with the pear's sweetness being tamed by both the wine and the cheese.

Oh and let's don't forget the price! Great value for money wine at around £18 per bottle. I got mine from Forest Wines E17 (use discount code Friendsofnaturalwineis at checkout for 10% off, and stock up for the holidays - not sponsored promo, just for your information sake).


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