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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Last day of May guys, we did it. And it looks like we are going to slowly go back to the new normal in June, with more shops reopening and life becoming a little less locked down. So cheers to the end of this long month with a nice bottle of fizz called Costadilà Bianco Moz 2019, from Veneto, Italy.

"No frills Moscato, macerated, bottle fermented without filtrations or chemical clarifications", says Ernesto the winemaker on the cute little tag attached to the bottle. And this is just was we want really. Let's also take a moment to appreciate this tag that Costadilà add to each of their bottles is such a nice touch and provides a lot of information that would otherwise either not appear at all or clutter the label way too much. This leaves room for a bottle that displays the colour of the wine with a simple yet effective (aka highly recognisable) label.

This wine is a sparkling Col Fondo (= with lees/sediment in the bottle) and is a blend of Moscato & Glera. Moscato is a grape which is often used to make sweet, fizzy, low alcohol wines (especially in Italy, check out Moscato d'Asti), so to me it's always interesting to see what this grape can do in a different context. Glera is ya grape which gives ya Prosecco (we are in Veneto). This blend sounds promising if you ask me, with an abv of 10.5% which is ideally paired with a sunny afternoon.

The colour is everything already, like a big juicy ray of sunshine. A nice deep colour reinforced by a pleasant, pineapple-juice like cloudiness. On the nose, you can perceive the many Moscato flavours, a mix of floral, apricot, loquat and a little hint of honey, candied ginger, tangerine. It's also quite mineral, with the Glera keeping all of this juice together and giving it a more grown up vibe. On the palate it's an explosion of the above flavours but like 3 times as much, with a lovely acidity and tiny, soft bubbles. It's a YES from me.

Look at that fondo!

Until next wine!


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