Costadilà rosso

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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Today I am finally opening one of those wines that I've had in my wine cabinet for a long time (nearly a year) - as I was keeping this for a winter day. I thought this red would be a great wine to have by the fireplace with a book on a winter night. To my surprise, Costadilà Rosso revealed to be quite the unpredictable natural wine!

Costadilà Rosso, Vino Rosso da Tavola, 2018, Veneto, Italy.

The background. Costadilà are a natural winery and small farm located in Veneto, Italy. Their grapes are grown organically/biodynamically and low intervention in the cellar means indigenous yeasts are free to transform the grape juice into wines with a certain character. Costadilà rosso is a blend of Refosco (indigenous grape) and Merlot. No added sulphites. Costadilà are also famous for their fizz, which I haven't tried yet.

Tasting notes. I said it before and I'll say it again, this wine is not what you expect. To me it revealed to be still very young and vibrant and definitely unique. Costadilà define this wine as unsettled and clumsy, which I agree with - it's got a certain imperfection to it which is palatable and goes well with the high acidity and perceivable tannin, resulting in an easy-drinking red, party friendly. Definitely one for the table and for those who like a playful natural wine. I can smell red fruit, leaves and a bit of forest. This is a kind of red wine that would go well with something meaty, but right now I'm dreaming of having this with lasagna.

Where to buy? This was originally from Salthouse Bottles. Price range: £10 - £20. Currently available from Tannico.


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