El Otro Lado 2017

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to the other side. And by other side I mean the English translation of the name of this wine.

Pol Opuesto El Otro Lado 2017, Mendoza, Argentina

Argentinian Natural Wine! I had the pleasure of drinking a glass of this wine at Bedales of Borough in London Bridge last summer, just when the first lockdown measures were lifted. I found it brilliant to be able to buy the bottle to take home directly from the Bedales wine shop on the same night. This way, the bottle becomes a memory. It brings you back to that time when you were sitting at the wine bar, in good company or even on your own, the wine really impressed you and you then walked home with a full size souvenir of the bottle.

This is a truly elegant wine, which comes from Mendoza/Argentina via Les Caves de Pyrene. Grape variety is Torrontes 100% - if you know this grape, you'll know that it can produce some very flavourful and floral white wines. In this case, we have a 10 months maceration on skins, which is what makes this an orange wine (colour + flavour + structure from grape skins). On the nose we are talking about tropical and stone fruit, dried apricots, orange peel, floral such as camomile, light hint of spice. On the palate the wine has a certain structure from skin contact (slight bitterness, astringency), retains all flavours from the nose with a high acidity and a savoury/mineral note.

My pairing suggestion is anchovies, possibly these ones (link is there just for information purposes, because these anchovies are literally my favourite). I had a glass of this at home while eating a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel because that's what I had at the time and it was a good pairing too.

Price wise we are around the £30 mark, which makes this bottle a good option for a Christmas gift for your friend who is really into natural wine, or as a present to self.


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