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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas & New Year. It's year 2020 now and my prediction is an absolute overload of natural wine. Starting from a really interesting and unusual red from Baden-Württenberg, Germany, which I received as a gift at Christmas. I mean, natural wine is such a great gift, innit?

I'm talking about Weingut Roterfaden Lemberger, Germany, 2017.

Love this label!

The background. Give it up for the first German wine on the blog! Welcome. Weingut Roterfaden is just a few years old and it's already delivering a range of natural wines to try (Lemberger, Pinot Noir, Riesling). Their philosophy is absolute minimal intervention and biodynamic viticulture. Lemberger is not only the name of this wine but also the grape variety used to make it, also known as Blaufränkisch, which is an indigenous grape variety. The soil plays an important part in this wine concept - it's limestone, which you can see from the label.

Tasting notes. This is a beautiful red inside and out. On the nose you get fresh red and black fruit, a black peppery spiciness and some kind of herbaceousness. From the nose, I feel this is an elegant and decisive wine. It invites you to take a sip - on the palate it's an explosion of ripe black cherry, forest fruit, with just about the right amount of drying tannins to give you that extra kick, with an elegantly balanced acidity. A recurring theme (a "roter Faden") both on the nose and on the palate is the earthiness of this wine, with significant minerality on the palate, expression of that terroir that makes the label.

Where to buy? This is in stock at Salthouse Bottles at the moment. Price guesstimate ~ £20 (it was a gift after all).

Stay cool!


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