Force Celeste 2019

My hunt for juicy rosés continues with some South African natural wine - Force Celeste 2019 by Mother Rock (collaboration between John Meyer & Indigo Wine founder Ben Henshaw). Based in Swartland, Mother Rock have quickly become an icon of the natural wine scene in SA and with this bottle they present a juicy, savoury and mineral rosé from 100% Grenache Noir, whole bunch slow pressed and as natural as it gets (no additives etc).

I actually had the chance to taste some* of Mother Rock's wines at the Real Wine Fair in London (2019) and was really impressed by the expression of the South African terroir in the wine - highly mineral. This is something that I am finding in Force Celeste too - an exceptional minerality, like a seaside rock covered in crystallised salt (or at least, that's what comes to mind).

*by "some" I mean every single wine that was on the table.

On the nose, this wine is pleasantly fruity and smells like freshly baked strawberries and red cherries, a bit of tropical too, with a lot of leafiness to complement and balance the fruitiness. The colour of this wine is also very interesting, a dark pink, intensely peachy rosé. Just as juicy on the palate, simply pleasantly fruity and mineral, a bit tomatoey even and a hint of papaya. High refreshing acidity and minerality for days.

I got this bottle from Forest Wines and it's actually on sale now so go grab it!

Until next wine.


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