Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and all I can think of is bubbles. Bubbles of fizz. So I'm starting December with a BANG! Italian, col fondo realness, a wine that you can totally celebrate with.

But first, what is col fondo?

Col fondo is an Italian term that literally means "with the bottom", the latter being the more informal word for sediment. By sediment, we define all those little bits of yeasts and crystals that we often find in natural wines, thanks to the lower human intervention (for instance, no filtration). Col fondo is a winemaking technique where the second fermentation happens in the bottle - just like Champagne, but without disgorgement, therefore a col fondo bottle is not reopened or topped up. As a result you will get a cloudy, lightly fizzy (frizzante rather than spumante), fun wine that in this case is also natural.

To start off my December I chose GARG'N'GO - La Biancara, by Angiolino Maule, 2017.

"Bubbles amplify the perception of life"

The Background. Angiolino Maule is another big name in the natural wine world. Based in Veneto, Italy, Angiolino Maule has a long tradition of biodynamic grapes growing and low intervention natural wine making, with over 30 years of love for their land and respect for nature. No adding or removing anything is at the center of Angiolino Maule's philosophy. Amongst their extensive natural wine offer is GARG'N'GO, an energetic, sparkling white made with 100% Garganega, from volcanic soil, col fondo method and totally spontaneous fermentation.

Tasting notes. First rule of a bottle of fizz with crown cap: open with care. Some of those can basically explode in your hands which is a waste of wine. Garg'n'go wasn't that extreme and just released a healthy amount of bubbles while opening. On the nose, I get some crunchy apple, pear, some yeasty notes and a bit of wildness. On the palate delicate bubbles, refreshing acidity, same fruit as the nose but with an added minerality from the soil that is pleasant and interesting. I'll have the rest to take away please.

Where to buy? I got this from Terroirs East Dulwich, who have a huge selection of natural sparkling wine totally worth checking out! Price range: £15 - £20.

Stay 'col'!


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