Gran Cerdo

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I finally did it - paired a wine with food. After one of my recent posts, I realised that way too often I was enjoying my natties aperitivo-style rather than dinner-style. After all, I'm Italian and love an aperitivo with wine, however, sometimes it's good to try something relatively new. And because of quarantine (how many times have people said this?) I have more time for cooking and decided to experiment. It is also true that to do this I chose the cheapest natural wine that I could get just in case, lol. Still, a great white wine that I will certainly buy again. Because natural wine on a budget is cool.

Gran Cerdo (= fat pig) Blanco 2018 is a Spanish wine from La Rioja region and it's a rebel of a wine. The label is already a mix of rebellious things I'm not even going to describe, you should see this for yourself. If a cupboard staple natural wine was a thing this should be it: cheap, cheerful and a really good white wine. It's got an overall fruity and balanced aroma perceivable on the nose, going from citrus to stone fruit and a bit of tropical. The fruitiness is enhanced on the palate, with a balanced acidity. It's simply a delicious example of a natural wine that does not exaggerate - no weird colour or cloudiness, no sour-beer-like acidity and an overall fruitiness and balance. A rebel in this sense too, against the stereotype of your usual hipster natural wine.

I chose to pair this wine with my homemade asparagus risotto and I think the pairing was good. The citrusy aromas of the wine and the nice acidity were cutting through the creaminess of the risotto (I added a load of parmesan by mistake so it was extra indulgent) and the more stone fruity and tropical aromas were not overpowered by the aromatics of the lovely, lovely asparagus. One for the recipe book for sure.

Until next wine!


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