Halloween With Gut Oggau

The Addams Family, natural wine edition. Austrian winery Gut Oggau offer a pretty extensive natural wine range that is described label by label through the most charming fictional natural wine family that exists on this planet. Each type of wine has its own label that figures the face of a member of the family and has its own traits and story. I have been collecting two bottles of Gut Oggau wine and saving them for a great opening, and what better opening than my favourite months of the year, October, close to Halloween.

Gut Oggau Atanasius 2018

Blend of 60% Zweigelt and 40% Blaufrankisch, ruby red with a hint of purple, very perfumed on the nose. Forest fruit, black pepper, aromatic leaf, refreshing acidity, light tannin, very youthful and vertical, has a slight fizz on the mouth that makes it fun and unpredictable.

Gut Oggau Theodora 2017

Blend of Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling, deep golden colour due to partial skin contact fermentation, bright and vibrant. Tropical fruit on the nose, floral, white pepper. On the palate it's kiwi, lychee, pineapple and white melon, chamomile and a hint of smokiness, highlighted by a distinctive minerality. Very elegant and rounded, perfect on its own or with complex dishes.

I also wanted to add how amazing quality these wines are, and still great values for money (considering you can find them for around the £30 price point). Not only the taste is incredible, they are completely biodynamic (Demeter certified) and come from a legendary winery in the natural wine world, but the did survive an entire summer in my London flat, in the most atrocious storing conditions (basically a Halloween horror story for wine). Some other wines didn't survive it, you can read about it here.

Now feel free to enjoy these wines cuddling under a blanket and pointing a torch at your chin.


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