Koppitsch Rosza 2019

Wine of the Summer. If you, like me, follow natural wine pages on Instagram, you will have seen this wine plastered all over your feed, all summer long. And rightfully so! This wine was actually recommended to me through Instagram. Let's dive into the pink juice.

Weingut Koppitsch are based in Austria and have been making natural wine for around, say, 500 years? So they are definitely not new to the game. Despite the fresh summer look of their labels - which is maybe more common around "new producers", natural wine for Koppitsch is a tradition that always lived. Winemakers Maria and Alex farm their grapes biodynamically using Rudolf Steiner's principles in the vineyard. In the cellar, wine is made without any artificial additives, no artificial yeasts and no temperature control, no filtering or fining. Low to no added sulphites.

Rosza 2019 is a rosé with a fierce, bright red colour with a hint of pink and a generous degree of cloudiness. Rosza is part of the "Fun Wines" category created by the winery to highlight the type of soil where the grapes grow - sand, clay and gravel. Blend of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St Laurent, Pinot Noir, Syrah. Rosza is not your regular juice bomb, despite the colour that would indicate otherwise. The first notes I get, both on the nose and on the palate, are from the soil. Mineral, salty, sapid. The fruit element is strawberry-lime, but subtle and not overpowering. Very slight fizz on the mouth, lots of acidity and a perfect summer flow. Buckets of this on a hot summer day. Could make a fun by the glass option on a wine menu.

A note from me: if you see this wine available somewhere and wondering whether to buy it or not, my advice is go for it. It will sell out if you wait too long.


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