Lammidia Bianchetto

I bought this bottle not long ago and as you can see it didn't last very long, I was just really looking forward to opening it. Absolute golden juice, Lammidia Bianchetto 2019, made from 100% Trebbiano d'Abruzzo grapes, from Abruzzo, Italy.

Lammidia are a natural wine duo who have a clear and simple motto: "100% uva e basta" (100% grapes and that's it). This is their idea of wine, which doesn't require to be labelled as natural/organic/biodynamic or vegan. It's made with just grapes, if you know you know. And oh, we know. But it is clear that the Lammidia team love their wines and invest a lot of care and passion towards working with nature to make their product.

"La 'mmidia" in the Abruzzese dialect means "the jinx" and the story of this name comes from the adventure that the guys at Lammidia had when making their first ever wine. Fermentation just wouldn't start! So, their grandmother performed a traditional ritual to remove the jinx and then, just minutes after... Fermentation started! This ritual has now become a tradition after every harvest. What a fascinating story!

This has probably now become my favourite ever skin contact white wine. It's cloudy, it has a nice deep colour (almost golden), and the flavours are just so good - all the tropical fruit (pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit, you name it), the sourness of a grapefruit, the astringency of those grapes skins that were in contact for just one night. I enjoyed it on a nice sunny afternoon, only lightly chilled which allowed this wine to show that white wine freshness but also release the wonderful aromas. I'd recommend you to do the same.

Until next wine.


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