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I rarely buy wine online, which for this day and age may seem a bit ridiculous. We are obviously now still in lockdown around the world and so a lot of people had to shift their buying habits more towards the online market. Same goes with wine! And when it comes to finally ordering, I had my eyes on More Natural Wine by Chris and Anika, who run their own online shop for natural wine and have a great selection including must-have natural wines as well as new and quirky ones, they also have a cool and fun Instagram profile @morenaturalwine which I totally recommend you to follow if you are a natural wine aficionado, as they have great content related to all things natural wine.

When it comes to buying wine on their website, More Natural Wine offer a user friendly, as-easy-as-it-gets experience, which is enjoyable. The wines are categorised in different groups such as by country, colour, region, price range and even by mood. Every bottle has its own page with a nice and straightforward description and a photo - so you know what you are buying. On wine pages you will also find a reminder that some bottles may run out of stock quickly and they will offer to replace a bottle that has gone out of stock with one of equal or higher value in terms of price (knowing their taste in wine from their Insta, you can be sure they will pick something great as a replacement). Keeping in mind they are a small business, I think it's really nice of them to highlight this fact and offer a replacement.

They ship all orders on Wednesday and state this very clearly on their website and social media. I placed my order on a weekend and it was shipped on Wednesday the following week. Considering they are in Germany and I live in the UK, the order was delivered quickly and safely, just 5 days later (incl. non-working days). The delivery cost is obviously higher when you buy from outside Germany, but in my opinion it's perfectly reasonable for the service you are getting and you can buy up to 18 standard sized bottles for the same delivery cost.

I can safely say my buying experience with More Natural Wine was great! Not only do they have all sorts of interesting natural wines, the wines are also reasonably priced and you can feel free to order a case of six or more different wines from different producers from different parts of the world, without having to commit to a case of six bottles of the same wine and same producer - which is what was stopping me from ordering wine online for such a long time. More Natural Wine also talk a lot about their wines on their Insta which I find really inspiring when it comes to buying, as they are literally sharing their passion for wine with everyone on the platform - I bought quite a few bottles that I had seen in their videos and photos.

And now let's unbox!

Opening the package, the first thing I see is a card with a lovely and customised message written on it and there are also some stickers - who doesn't love stickers? And these are natural wine stickers! The bottles are all snuggly packed and there is also a bonus object waiting to be opened - a branded waiters friend corkscrew that I actually really needed! So thanks!

And here is the list of what I bought.

Vin De La Gamba - FrauenPower, from a new producer from Germany, this is Lambrusco-style red fizz which is supposed to be fruity and super-enjoyable on a sunny afternoon. This is a wine that Chris & Anika have talked about a lot on social media and have also demonstrated how to open the bottle, as it's one of those very fizzy ones that you have to either sabre or open very carefully.

Gut Oggau - Theodora 2017, dear Theodora, we finally meet. This is a must-have or must-have had natural wine that has been on social media for years, everywhere around the world. And believe it or not I have never had this wine before. So I am really excited to break the rules of social distancing with Theodora soon.

Valentina Passalacqua - Pet Garg Orange, another fizz from a great woman of natural wine. After I had the 1 litre red and 1 litre orange, I now have this 750ml bottle to open and I can't wait.

Lucy Margaux - Noir de Florette, the only still red I ordered, look forward to seeing what other mind-blowing wine experiment Lucy M. has delivered.

Patrick Bouju - A La Naturel Blanc (w/ Action Bronson), if you are familiar with Action Bronson's natural wine journey and how he influenced the natural wine world (see my blog post natural wine, a data story where I talk about this!) you may also be curious to try his production of natural wines (and craft beer), or at least this is how I feel.

MicroBioWines - Nieva York Pet Nat, another one that I have learned about through More Natural Wine, and also another pet nat, this time from Spain, for the sunny days.

So we have Germany, Austria, Italy, Australia, France and Spain, all in one case!

Until next wine!

Ilaria S.

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