natural wine in dublin - expectation vs reality

Updated: May 31, 2020

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Having a pre-Christmas getaway in Dublin was a great idea to get in the Christmas mood as well as explore what the city had to offer in terms of attractions, food and of course natural wine. I went to Dublin with 3 myths to debunk and a couple of trips to Loose Canon helped me do this!

There is no natural wine in Dublin.

FALSE! There is some natural wine in Dublin, maybe not a huge central scene as far as I can tell. There are a couple of wine bars in the centre and a few more a bit further away. For a 360 experience in the centre of Dublin, you have to go to Loose Canon - no excuses.

Natural wine in Dublin is expensive.

50/50. Half and half. So and so. Blame it on the exchange rate (if any), but natural wine in Dublin can be quite the treat-yo-self type of commodity. In central, average price for a glass is €10 (~ £8.55). Take home bottles can be more affordable or mid range, between €20 - €40 which is pretty much the norm.

A standing only wine bar after walking all day - not a good idea.

FALSE! I had the best of times at Loose Canon! The place is super central and really ideal if you’re visiting the city. Once you’re in, it feels like being at a house party in someone’s living room - people chatting, drinking wine, having a great time all in the same room. Have a sip of delicious natural wine and you will probably forget about how long you walked that day. If there is any room you can rest your glass on some of the counter furniture near the walls, while the bar is mostly for ordering wine, cheese and charcuterie to go with your choice of natty. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and they will let you taste the different by the glass options before you commit. You can also spend several minutes admiring the wide range of bottles against the wall, like I did.

While the natural wine scene in Dublin may not be the biggest in Europe, what is there is absolutely spot on, maybe a little pricey but worth standing up for it.

Stay cool!


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