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Yes, seasons, not sessions. Because I believe natural wine and the weather go together quite well and while this may come to no surprise to most of you, I thought it would be a fun topic to explore. At wine tasting courses you are never really taught to pair your wines with the temperature or if it's sunny, windy or it rains, you mostly learn how to pair wine with food, which is great. I am a person who prefers enjoying a glass of natural wine on its own, plain and simple, without elaborate meals. Unless I am at a restaurant, of course, although during lockdown this is about impossible, it is more likely that I pair a bottle of white wine to my bi-weekly homemade risotto.

As you may have seen on this blog I review my wines based on each month and group the reviews by season. There is a certain logic to this, which is based on what I enjoy at its best in which month and based on which occasion. Some months I like better than others, or I just feel more inclined towards a certain type of wines. For instance, I am definitely a cold-weather person, but my favourite season of all is Autumn, which is a great season for red and orange wines. I also suffer from hay-fever which gives you a hint on which is my least favourite season. But as a general rule, the following is what I base my seasonal wine rota on.

Winter - Reds all the way, plus bubbles for the celebrations. Orange wines too.

Spring - Pet Nat, all sorts of bubbles, light reds.

Summer - White, bubbles, light reds, high acidity low tannin reds.

Autumn - Orange wines, Beaujolais, all sorts of reds.

Pretty simple and pretty obvious, but I find that I really do enjoy a wine extra-better when the environment around me is the right one. It's kind of like the whole atmosphere around having a glass of red wine with your family in front of the fireplace, there is something magical about what you are experiencing in the glass and the whole set up.

Here are some more environment-related pairings that come to mind.

Summer barbecue with friends - Bring all the crisp and refreshing wine you want, but you are my hero if you bring a bottle of Barbera d'Asti like I'm used to. High acidity red that goes well with the Hot Girl Summer and the hot meat on the grill. The afternoon was written off anyway. Personal favourite: Asinoi by Carussin.

Birthday party (any season) - Bring the Pet Nat (all colours allowed, except for blue). Personal favourite: Testalonga El Bandito I Wish I Was a Ninja.

Family lunch or dinner - Bring that Moscato d'Asti to end the meal with, you will make everybody happy including yourself, as it's sweet but not too sweet and gives you that lovely bubble so that you can all raise a glass and the go for a nap. Personal favourite: Filari Corti by Carussin.

Rainy day at home - I'd open a red, one of those that you keep there and never know when to open because it may age well or it was more expensive than average, whatever. Glass of red wine goes well with cosy in my opinion. Personal favourite: Weingut Roterfaden Lemberger, you can read about it on my blog!

Halloween - I quite like Halloween, or at least the idea of it. You know, reading horror stories and all that. I drink orange wine all Autumn long so it's orange on Halloween as well. Personal Favourite: Calcarius Nu Litr Orange by Valentina Passalacqua.

Until next wine!


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