natürlich blanc

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Despite the fact that we are still in quarantine, here in London we have been blessed with beautiful weather, so I'm spending the Easter weekend on the balcony with a rotation of natural wine and craft beers. My natural wine of choice for the Easter bank holiday is, of course, a pet nat - Pet Nat Blanc Natürlich by Domaine Landron-Chartier. Despite the German name, this is a Vin de France (Domaine Landron-Chartier are located in the West of France, nowhere near Germany).

This is a really interesting and delicious pet nat to add to your collection. Despite being a "blanc", it has a slight peachy colour. On the back of the bottle, it's clearly indicated that this wine is made of 70% Folle Blanche (indigenous grape variety) and 30% Gamay (purple coloured grape). When you open the bottle, all the fizz is eager to pop out, but it's absolutely manageable and you won't end up losing much of the wine, if any at all. Just don't shake the bottle and you'll be fine. With my senses a little impaired by hay-fever, I can still safely say that there is a lot going on in the glass, lots of aromas of peach, stone fruit and floral, while on the palate this is super refreshing with lots of bubbles. Such a great pet nat that left me really impressed!

Until next wine!


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