welcome to the new blog

I decided to shake things up a bit.

The rebrand

All naturalwineis everything. My journey started with a statement: "natural wine is cool". Because this is what I thought at the beginning. I thought the natural wine world was just so cool, all the independent producers, the creative labels, the funky taste. But then I lost my cool. I realised that natural wine is more than just "cool". Natural wine is delicious, modern but ancient, international, and is also family, sharing, good times, people, love, passion, culture and a great community. So I decided I didn't want to define natural wine any longer and I wanted to share with you my own journey through wine, the journey of Ilaria S.

Layout & content

The layout is still the same - but the content has changed a bit, you can find these changes around the website. I have also updated the About page where you can learn a bit more about myself and how my journey in the natural wine world began.

The new page!

I have added a new page to the site, which is the Wine List page, where you can access my wine reviews organised by wine type. So if you wanted to find that red that I posted a while ago but you can't remember the name of it, you can easily find it through this page. Happy finding!

A big thank you goes to the natural wine community, for making this wine journey exciting and for every day allowing me to learn more about natural wine and share my insights with you.

Until next wine & happy browsing!


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