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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

You know that hot day on a bank holiday Friday in 2020? I think I picked a pretty good wine to go with it. "Pretty, pretty, pretty good" as Larry David sometimes says. My choice today is Nieva York by MicroBioWines, a cool winery in Nieva, Spain. This is a pet nat (❤️) made from 100% Verdejo, which is a grape variety I haven't encountered much in my natural wine adventures. "Good bubbles = good moments" is the slogan on the back label, which I am going to adopt as my mantra from now on. What is fascinating to see is the colour of this wine, a nice shiny yellow that looks alive, plus all those tiny particles of sediment that are typical of a pet nat. Shake it and things will get cloudy!

On the nose I get nice stone fruity aromas like a ripe white peach, also a bit of tropical such as pineapple and a certain herbaceous, leafy hint. All of this invites me to take a sip.

On the palate it's literally juice. And bubbles. And all the flavours found earlier are linked together by the refreshing acidity and soil-driven minerality which is like a cherry on top to this beautiful petillant naturel. Overall really impressed with this juice and I can confirm that good bubbles equals good moments.

In terms of price, this is an excellent value wine. It cost me around £17 through More Natural Wine. It's also perfectly enjoyable on its own. I think the bottle is not going to last much longer.

Until next vino!


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