noir de florette

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Nothing like a super windy spring day to chill the atmosphere and make for the perfect environment for a glass of red. I had this Noir de Florette, 2018 by Lucy M. waiting for me to open it. And oh, what a wine!

Noir de Florette is a 100% pinot noir from Adelaide Hills, Australia, by the experimental producer Lucy Margaux, who makes really interesting natural wines (last one I had from them was a bland of white and black grapes, delicious juice) and definitely one if the producers at the forefront of the natural wine movement. Noir de Florette is made with free run juice and whole bunches of pinot noir in spontaneous fermentation, the result is a juicy light red that you can serve lightly chilled.

I am in love with this wine. From the red-almost-orangey colour to the taste. It tastes like ripe red cherries were squeezed directly into your glass. It's juicy, bright and fresh, with a nice acidity, pleasantly mineral, red-fruitiness such as cranberry, red cherry, some red plum too. Overall a great light red that you can totally enjoy in the sunshine/heat if you get any. I drank this indoors because it was too windy outside on the balcony.

I paired it with a take away double bacon cheese burger with double American cheese (from Goodburger UK) and went down really, really well.

Until next wine!


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