online shopping for natural wine in four easy steps

We are back again with the natural wine shopping! Because we like natural wine, we taste it, drink it and we buy it. Due to the current situation many people's buying pattern has made a big shift towards the online market, with no exceptions for natural wine. Local bottle shops have been shut for months and some of them made the move towards opening an online shop and delivering natural wine goodies online, with focus on their local area. I am lucky enough to live in the area where Salthouse Bottles deliver and so far I've had the most amazing experience buying from them all my natural wine essentials as well as nice food and it's always exciting when they add something new to the online shop. So, thank you guys at Salthouse Bottles!

Clearly the whole support-your-local-shop is always the number one rule when it comes to making a buying decision especially in these times, but sometimes you either don't have a local bottle shop or you just want to re-stock some natural wine goodies that are difficult to find in your area, so you may want to take a look around the online shopping world for that. Which is where the following four steps may come in handy.

Step 1 - Check out those delivery terms. No matter if small or big business, you want to be sure that they deliver to you, delivery times are reasonable (I mean, you need those natty wines right?) and that the delivery fee is also acceptable. Talking about delivery fee, this will always be lower when you buy from a business based in your country. However, some businesses abroad may have cheaper prices on wines and if you buy a case or two you can easily make that delivery cost worth it when you split it per bottle.

Step 2 - Explore the wine selection. Which is always fun. However, buying wine online can prove to be a little trickier than in store, mainly because you have literally nobody to ask questions about the wines to and you kind of have to put in all the effort yourself. It also takes away a bit of that magic that is walking in to a wine shop and letting the wine choose you (the same kind of magic that happens with books in bookstores, which is how I roll, always). My advice on this step is: take it easy, read wine descriptions and also consider the price tag. Check out your favourite natty wine Instagram accounts if you need insights or reviews on a specific wine (including the account of the online shop you are buying from, for extra natty inspo). And when if doubt, just ask.

Step 3 - It's time to add to basket. Are you going for something new or something you know you like? I normally tend to buy new wines from new producers or just different wines from producers I already know, so what I do is read about each wine and do a little bit of research before deciding what to buy. If you are shopping by the bottle you might want to consider adding a nice mix of reds, whites, oranges, rosés and fizz to your order - maybe a few more bottles of fizz overall, as these always go down pretty well, especially in the summer. Have fun with it and remember that it's natural wine made by a small producer with love and passion and kindness towards nature.

Step 4 - Enter your delivery address and get that order confirmed! Then wait for it to turn up to your door and then enjoy your own selection of natty wines. And don't forget to show some love to that online shop by posting a positive review or a nice comment on Insta - it's always appreciated.

My favourite online shops for natty are Salthouse Bottles when it comes to local (delivery to London SE4 post codes and nearby areas), and More Natural Wine when it comes to global (they are currently taking a well deserved holiday and will be back in July). Also a shoutout to Forest Wines who I've just placed an order with and have been amazing during my buying experience by recommending some of their favourite natural wines.

Until next wine!


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