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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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While my previous post was about natural wine shopping, this post is about one of the wines I recently purchased to re-stock my personal natural wine collection. I mentioned Ottavio Rube in that same post when talking about the price factor in natural wine - so here it is! I bought not only one, but two bottles of Ottavio Rube (a red and a white), so let's talk about it. I'm opening the bianco.

Valli Unite Ottavio Rube Vino Bianco, 2018.

Party friendly screw cap. Also great label, so calming.

The background. Cooperativa Valli Unite are a tiny cooperative in Piedmont. They are a true microcosm of farming, hospitality and of course natural wine. I'm really hoping to visit them during my next trip to Piedmont. Their OR Vino Bianco is a blend of Cortese and Timorasso (indigenous, aromatic). Unfiltered, unfined, natural, organic, biodynamic, vegan, low sulphites - the full package.

Tasting notes. If you like a funky natural wine, then you're going to love this one. It's got that slight funkyness that you can enjoy but that you can still get away with if your friend isn't a fan. There is stuff going on in the glass but everything has a certain calm and subtleness. So here we go - first of all I get the high acidity together with a pretty sharp herbaceousness rounded by juicy white plums and a hint of petals. There is also a mineral note on the palate so you get the soil component in here too. Overall a great white that you can enjoy with lots of different food ideas (especially seafood, yum) or on its own, as usual, and don't be afraid to put it back in the fridge for the next day - it will still taste great.

Where to buy. I got this from my local bottle shop Salthouse Bottles. It's a pretty popular one and you can find it online on different websites. Price range £10 - £15, on the affordable end and hey - so, so worth it.

Until next wine.


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