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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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Why only get one bottle of Ottavio Rube, when you can get two? One white, one red? Pretty simple thought process went into buying this bottle, plus, I did have this wine before, so I already knew what to expect. I didn't particularly enjoy opening this bottle because the cap was a bit different than usual (see bottle photo for a hint).

Valli Unite Ottavio Rube Vino Rosso, 2018.

The background. This is a wonderful red wine from Piedmont, made of 80% Dolcetto and 20% Croatina (indigenous). Dolcetto is a fantastic grape variety that I have known for a long time because it's widely cultivated near my hometown. It gives life to high acidity, intensely dark berry flavoured wines with medium to high tannins. It's basically the perfect wine to have while curling up on the sofa on a winter night. Ottavio Rube Rosso is also biodynamic and has got a nice green stamp on the back of the bottle that certifies that this wine is organic.

Tasting notes. So crunchy! This juice is really fantastic and just so easy drinking on its own. Could even make for the perfect wine to have with pizza. Loads of berries (dark red, black, etc), nice pleasant acidity, herbaceousness, some tannin which is not too aggressive, overall a great red that even people who normally prefer white or rosé can enjoy. It's also got that light funkyness of a biodynamic wine, that takes your mind back to the hills of Piemonte. Italian-style barbecue ready.

Where to buy? I bought this on my natural wine shopping spree at Salthouse Bottles in Brockley, London. Price range £10 - 15.

Until next wine.


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