Pet Nat Triomphe

English sparkling wine - check.

Red sparking wine - check.

Interesting stuff... check!

Pet Nat Triomphe by Ancre Hill Vineyard

I remembered Ancre Hill Vineyard from the Raw Wine Fair in London a few years ago. It was also the first time I ever tasted a fizzy red wine! Great memories, as this opened a whole massive door in the world of English, natural, pet nat, red wines.

Ancre Hill are a located in Monmouthshire / Wales. They aren't one of the newest in the natural wine game in UK, and to my perception not one of the loudest, but certainly are an established biodynamic winery and produce different types of wine, from sparkling, to orange, to pet nat. What I have here today is a red pet nat, Lambrusco-style. "Triomphe" is actually the grape variety - to much of my own surprise. It's a hybrid grape variety that originates in Alsace (France) and is sometimes used in English red wines. It's also called Triomphe d'Alsace (somehow this name sounds more familiar, do you agree?).

When opening the bottle, you can feel the pressure of the fizz that wants to get out. However, opening the bottle carefully will result in a gentle "pop" and no spilled wine. When pouring the wine in the glass, you'll see lots of very tiny bubbles forming on the surface, that will vanish relatively quickly. The colour is ruby red but has somewhat of a dirty natural look, almost oxidative. On the nose the fruit profile is prevalent, with strawberry, Amarena cherry, tomato leaf. Quite straightforward and not overly complex, but the jammy profile gives it chunkiness. Palate-wise, very vertical and sharp acidity, nil tannin, pleasantly tart red fruit. Oh, and serve chilled!

And finally, when it comes to price, I think this bottle is very good value for money. I got it from Forest Wines at £15 per bottle. You can use my discount code Friendsofnaturalwineis for 10% off your order if you buy before the end of this year! - Not paid sponsorship, just sharing for your information.


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