Ploussard Arbois

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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I have to admit, this is a wine that could go well all year round but I am including this in the February wines series to justify myself for opening this bottle today. Overall a really good decision to taste this magnificent, natural wine from Arbois/Jura.

Ploussard Arbois, Hughes Béguet-Vignerons, 2018, France.

The background. A lot of good things happen in Jura, including this wine, which is a 100% Ploussard (or Poulsard) grape (indigenous variety) biodynamic red. Straight from city life to natural wine making, Domaine Hughes Béguet produce a range of interesting wines focusing on local grape varieties such as Savagnin (white) and Ploussard (red). You can recognise their wines from the unusual labels or names - what looks like a seemingly traditional label is in fact hiding some cool features, such as a bear with a stick, or their Savagnin which is called "Oh Yeah"! An overall very interesting producer that is able to deliver to the natural wine crowd.

Tasting notes. You may or may not expect such a bright/light coloured red coming from a dark bottle. The light body is visible from the glass - looks more like a very dark funky rosé rather than a red (serve lightly chilled). But we don't judge - it has a whole lot to offer. On the nose it's a bouquet of crunchy red cherries, strawberries and roses - freshness level is HIGH. There is also a certain hint of savoury and gamey, plus something that recalls a forest. On the palate this is translated to a high acidity and a savoury minerality, while I can still taste those red fruits and rose petals which are crunchy and juicy, yet delicate and balanced. A truly unique wine with a fruit-juicy finish.

Beeo is a completely ecological cork! Cheers to that.

Where to buy? I bought this a few months ago at Terroirs East Dulwich at one of their fantastic wine tastings. Price range: £30 - £40 (bit on the pricier end compared to wines I normally review, but this is an absolute gem and totally worth it).


Until next wine.


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