Puszta Libre!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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You know you can taste nature in a biodynamic wine, it's what is commonly defined as "funky" or even "barnyard". But it's also what a natural wine lover looks for in a glass, most of the times. It's a factor that not all people like - for instance, if you like fruity wines with a hint of oak, this may not be an aroma that goes too well with how you calibrated your palate. In Puszta Libre! you can find a whole world of this funkiness and I'd highly recommend it to those who are looking for an extra kick to a red wine.

This is a blend of St. Laurent and Zweigelt, both red grape varieties are typically found in Austria. The wine is actually quite deeply coloured, a proper red, but is also light bodies and has a sharp, refreshing acidity. On the nose I get sour cherry, leaf and a funky aroma which is quite intense but not at all unpleasant, on the palate I still get that sour fruitiness and those funky aromas. Very low tannins, high acidity, overall a great and surprising red that went really well with my first Saturday of quarantine in London, to start the evening at home.

I bought this from Salthouse Bottles, their online shop is now LIVE and are now delivering to SE4 and other areas of South East London. This wine may not be in stock at the moment but check back! Totally worth it! Around £20.

Until next wine.


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