Raisins Gaulois

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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Time to get your Gamay out of the cellar for real. We are literally just days away from Beaujolais Nouveau Day (Thursday 21st November) and my idea is to kind of start the countdown by drinking some fabulous, lip smacking Gamay from Lapierre.

So here we are with this extra special Raisins Gaulois, by M&C Lapierre, 2018. This is classified as Vin de France but made from 100% Gamay grapes in the Beaujolais area (Burgundy, France). Appellation or not, this wine is extraordinary as it is and I'm super excited to have this bottle as a guest on my blog.

Even my plant likes it.

The background. If you know natural wine then you know Lapierre, but if you don't there is still plenty of time to learn. Marcel Lapierre was one of the leading souls of the natural wine movement in France, embracing biodynamic farming and low intervention winemaking and inspiring many to do the same. Today we can enjoy new vintages thanks to Mathieu and Camille Lapierre, who are following the same path as their father and bringing us delicious natural wines from Beaujolais in full expression of the terroir.

Tasting Notes. You can recognise a bottle of Lapierre from the distinctive labels presenting a comic-book style guy doing something or posing in some way. In this case, the guy is squeezing grapes with his hands to drink the juice, while for instance the Beaujolais Nouveau label normally sees him chilling on a vine leaf. The playfulness around the label gives us a hint of what's inside the bottle: a crunchy, young, vibrant red that is so easy drinking and well balanced that you kind of feel like the man on the label after a couple of sips - happy, relaxed, content. The colour, bright red but with some depth, screams ripe red cherry, and so do nose and mouth. A fruity red wine that is not hiding anything and reveals itself in a straightforward way. Perfectly enjoyable on its own or with some aperitivo, or with some dinner or for breakfast and midnight snack.

Where to buy? I bought this from those lovely people at Salthouse Bottles (London, SE4) but you can find this in pretty much every natural wine bar or shop. Price range: £15 - £20.

Stay cool!


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