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On a sunny winter day off there is one thing that you have to do as a Londoner - go outside, get that weak winter sunshine all over your face, no matter how cold it is out there. Just be outside. As I didn’t have many places to be other than my flat I decided to open a bottle of biodynamic wine and sit on the balcony with a glass, but then I just ended up taking some pictures of it. It was well cold.

So here is my short and hopefully not too painful first wine review! This is “Pur Kiffe” 2016, produced by Kiffe My Wines. I already had a taste of this wine at a tasting night with Salthouse Bottles (my local bottle shop!) where I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Taffola, the man behind the swirly label.

Here it is! And look at that for a label. So cool.

Kiffe My Wines is a London based natural wine wholesale project that sources wine from sustainability oriented, nature friendly producers, or in their words, ethically minded. From them we can expect a range of organic and biodynamic wines, living wines, each with their own peculiarities and non-standard characteristics, like the one I’m about to describe.

I love what you can find on the top of corks. This time it's a trainer. What will I find next?

Facts: Pur Kiffe 2016 is a light/medium bodied red made from 100% Grenache noir grapes from 60 years old vineyards in La Clastre in south-eastern France, where soils are made of clay and limestone. The winemaking procedure sees bunch pressed grapes first, juice is then transferred to oak barrels for natural malolactic fermentation. Ageing time is 9 months. For more details and where to buy, visit Kiffe My Wine’s official website here.

This is a wine that you want to serve lightly chilled and drink on a hot summer day, maybe at a picnic, sun is shining, etc. Perhaps this is what inspired me to open this bottle - a sunny day. It’s a wine that goes well with sunshine! The elegant dark bottle with its unique swirly label might look a little misleading of what’s inside it, get ready to pour a bright ruby red fermented grape juice that looks a lot like cranberry juice.



On the nose, the first thing I could smell was a strong aroma that reminded me of something which is going to taste sour - almost like when you pour a raspberry lambic. But then, the wine opened up some hints of sour cherry. I think much of what you can smell in this wine is the winemaking process and the fact that you are drinking a product of biodynamic agriculture, so there’s much more to it than just fruit. Let’s taste it.

While keeping the forecasted red fruit sourness, there is quite a lot happening on the palate. The first thing I can think of is accents of minerality and therefore our friend terroir. There is definitely something of the terroir to this wine and it is reflected by the intense mineral, savoury taste, that makes mineral water taste slightly sweet in comparison. This is then attacked by a high level of acidity, that while being very prominent is also refreshing and quite pleasant if you are a fan of sour. Finish is like you’ve just eaten a lemon. Quite cleansing and still sour, but fairly short.

Cheers, Brockley!

I like it sour and it’s a thumbs up from me! Vive la biodynamie!

Stay cool!


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