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Updated: Jan 4, 2020

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This weekend we went for a pre-theatre dinner at Kiln in Soho, London. We long wanted to eat there because this restaurant is on top of many lists at the moment and there are normally long queues to get in. Now I know why.

Kiln is a Thai Grill restaurant with open kitchen and food is cooked on wood burning kilns and grills. You can feel the heat directly on your face.

Let’s start from the most important thing! The wine list. Is. Amazing. Firstly, they have a section for skin contact wines, which surprisingly is still rare to see in restaurants. In general, all wines look carefully selected and despite it not being mentioned on the list there are loads of natural wines, organic and biodynamic. I was in natural-wine-restaurant heaven. So I went for a skin contact wine - SP68 Bianco 2017, Occhipinti, Sicily (Italy). And I’m not regretting any of it.

SP68 Bianco 2017

Although it was going to be a pretty challenging pairing, the wine I chose went very well with all sharing platters we ordered. The type of cuisine being very flavoursome and spices rich was calling for something refreshing but still flavoured, SP68 made the gamble worth taking.

SP68 is a biodynamic blend of Muscat and Albanella. Exotically perfumed on the nose, this skin contact wine was a pleasant discovery and I really enjoyed the unusual pairing with Kiln’s mind blowing Thai food. For more information about SP68 check out Buon Vino.

So here is what we ordered (check out the slideshow above)! Lamb skewers (not pictured), spicy fried squid, dry red fish curry, glass noodles, wild ginger beef curry, brown Jasmine rice. Everything was mind-blowing and so unique, a mix of flavours I had never tasted before. Two dishes in particular I found astonishing. The first one, chilli squid with fried coconut - fiercely spicy (the skin contact wine wasn’t much help here, but tap water was) with a creamy texture of coconut, it was so good I was literally about to cry. I was mind-blown. And then glass noodles with crab meat, cooked and served in a clay pot with a cooling and aromatic lemongrass sauce, fantastically paired with the wine. Now, I have to say I love noodles so much I could eat them without any condiments. But these noodles were so tasty I think they were made by aliens.

The curries were also astonishing, with really intense smoky flavours that personally I am not used to, so these were a pleasant surprise. However, the smokiness of these curries was a lot to handle, take this as a warning if your palate is not too into smoky flavours.

Service was also fantastic which is something I value a lot when I eat out. So go eat there if you get the chance! It’s cool!

Stay cool!


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