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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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This post is not only a wine idea for January but also a thank you to Bruna Ferro @ Carussin Winery and her family, who have always been my reference point from the beginning of my journey into wine and keep inspiring me with their wine, philosophy and lifestyle. And for giving me this absolute beauty of a natural wine to enjoy in my London flat.

Dear natural wine lovers, I would like to introduce you to Tra L'Altro, Carussin, San Marzano Oliveto, Italy.

The background. Carussin Winery are an absolute pillar of the natural wine movement in Piedmont. Bruna Ferro and her family express their love for the land through biodynamic agriculture and apply minimal intervention in the cellar. Tra L'Altro (="among other things") is a white wine from 80% Moscato di Canelli and 20% Cortese - already an unusual variation of Moscato grapes, which are mostly used in the region for making sweet wine. The label here is interesting - a pattern of fish. This is a really clever way of communicating that this wine goes really well with fish!

Tasting notes. This is a truly unique and sensational wine. At first, you can see the cloudiness in the glass which can be a warning sign as follows: attention - content may be extremely juicy! On the nose it's an explosion of floral notes, such as orange blossom and camomile, stone fruit, honey and ripe pear. I'm in love already. The palate reflects the nose with added juiciness, balanced and refreshing acidity, pleasant minerality, long finish. This wine would go wonderfully with fish/seafood, but it's the middle of the afternoon as I'm writing and I don't have any oysters on me, so I am pairing this with a sheep's milk cheese from Alsop & Walker, Borough Market.

A pairing made in London

Where to buy? This particular one comes directly from the winery in San Marzano Oliveto, but I'm sure you can find some here in the UK too. For instance, Tannico have this listed with shipping to UK. Price range: £15 - £20.

Stay natural!


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