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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

While weeks slowly go by as we stay indoors during quarantine, it just gets really exciting to open a bottle of natural wine and make this situation a bit more bearable. To keep me company during the quarantine so far I have chosen two wines from the same producer, that both happen to be presented in a 1 Litre bottle. Two litres of natural wine goodness to make this time a better and more interesting time. I am talking about Progetto Calcarius from Valentina Passalacqua (from Puglia, Southern Italy), the orange and the red.

The first I had was the orange, which is just absolutely stunning starting from the visibly deep orange/amber colour clearly visible from the see-through bottle (also stunning). This is a 100% Falanghina, skin contact wine. And yay for crown caps! This is an overall proper orange wine. You get all the stone fruitiness (peach, apricot), the lovely refreshing acidity, the awakening minerality and that pleasant bitterness from skin contact that is something you can expect in this type of wine. This is a great wine and if you like orange wine then it's not to be missed, while if you haven't had orange wine before it's definitely a great place to start.

And then, the red. This is a 100% Negroamaro, which is an indigenous grape variety of Southern Italy. In this expression of the grape and the terroir, we have an interestingly bright red wine that has a lot of freshness and red fruit, almost like a crunchy, ripe black cherry just picked from the cherry tree. There is also some herbaceousness but this is all rounded by a certain softness on the palate. The acidity is refreshing and not overwhelming. Perfect red to enjoy on a sunny April day.

Overall I'm really impressed by these wines and look forward to trying other ones from this exciting project.

Until next wine!


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